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03 Aug 2015 5:36 PM, Announcements Ritika Gupta

Time-span covered in Consumer Pyramids increased

Data for 16 quarters and 4 years now available

Many subscribers have demanded a larger time-series in Consumer Pyramids than the 12 quarters and 3 years that the service offered. We are pleased to announce that we have extended the time-series to 16 quarters and 4 years.

This increase in the time-series provided in Consumer Pyramids comes along with the release of the September and December 2014 results.

This change in the availability of the time-series comes along with a change in the presentation of time as well. Hitherto, the time axis was available as a drop-down list from the top left of the user-interface. Now, the time axis is shown prominently in a left panel. All the 16 quarters and the 4 years are listed in this left panel.

With this the user-interface allows an easy navigation across time (through the left panel) and space (through the geography garland at the top).

While we have extended the time-span covered in the service, we would recommend some caution in the interpretation of some time-series trends. This caution is particularly warranted in cases where the underlying sample is small. If a time trend is found to be “suspect” please write to us on the Seek Clarifications platform and will try and help.