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03 Aug 2015 4:01 PM, Announcements Ritika Gupta

Estimates for September and December 2014 released

Estimates for March 2015 expected to be released by end of August

On 31 July, we released the estimates for September and December 2014. These estimates have been released after a long gap. The June 2014 estimates were released in January 2015.

The delay in releasing estimates of recent quarters was caused by a substantial re-organizing of the sample used in making these estimates. The re-organization of the sample was in response to the 2011 Census data that have become available.

The existing sample of Consumer Pyramids was re-balanced to reflect the exceptional growth in small towns and, to incorporate changes within towns and villages to reflect the composition of households by type of material used in walls and roofs.

The process of re-balancing the sample was undertaken even as the survey was being executed during 2014. The new sample size is frozen at 158,338 households from the survey that began in April 2015.

With the re-balancing of the sample completed, we are now in a position to generate the quarterly estimates within five months of the end of the quarter. It takes four months to complete a survey Round and then it takes less than a month to release the results. As a result, estimates for the quarter ended March 2015 would be released by the end of August 2015. By the end of August 2015, annual estimates for the year ended March 2015 would also be released.

We appreciate the patience of all our subscribers in bearing with this delay and in waiting for these new results.